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Gear Manager and Gear Plugin for S2-S3

These are the apps that Gear Manager uses for Gear S2 and S3(S3 untested lol S2 works). Cannot sign into Samsung Account. Gives 400 Bad Request

Download Samsung Accessory Service
Download Gear S Plugin
Download Gear Manager
Download Samsung Health (not required)

Flappy Bird

Yes, this is the original Flappy Bird made by .Gears and it's playable lol. No access to rankings

Download Flappy Bird

Ookla Speedtest

No words. Just works perfectly

Download Speedtest


Doesn't work
Download Vine


Network Error

Download CNN

Nike Running+

May work or not. Cannot login

Download Nike Running+


Works perfectly

Download Netflix ver 3.1.2
Download Netflix ver 3.1.8 (works perfectly)
Download Netflix ver 3.2.0
Download Netflix ver 3.7.2

Social Media apps

Instagram and Snapchat. Unknown if it works.

Download Instagram
Download Snapchat

Minecraft PE Demo

Works perfectly

Download Minecraft PE Demo

Subway Surfers

Works perfectly

Download Subway Surfers