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Welcome to iCloBlog!

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If you found this, this doesnt exist now. I'm just lazy to add an 404 page

Why I can't update the home page like how I promised?

TLDR:I have no free time

Normally I told yall that I would update the home page every 2 weeks but there are few reasons that I can't update it.
Reason 1: No free time
I'm now in an time where I have to prepare for an exam and that takes my time. Also my schedule got tighter because of the exam.
Reason 2: Boredom
Operating a website looks easy but it is hard. Also I keep forgettng about it so boredom goes to this category but it is hard operating a website. Like I am watching a live stream while I'm writing on vscode lol.
Reason 3: Time04
By the time I remember I have different interests like I am into older iPhones now. I bought an iPhone 5 and 4. Website operation is not for me lol.
So that's why I can't update the home page.
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